At $9 for every 1000 words or $4.50 per page, we will proofread your document to flush out all grammar and punctuation errors. Corrections would be left in red.

This service includes grammar and syntax review.

Checking Text on a Document


At $15 for every 1500 words, we will proofread AND give more advice as far as paragraph organization, dialogue, etc.! 

This service includes grammar and syntax review, content rewriting and structural edits.

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General Transcription

We offer very competitive rates for general transcription. At $45 per audio hour ($0.75 per audio minute), we will transcribe any audio or video file you need.

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Virtual Assistance

With a rate of $15 per hour, we offer virtual assistance services such as: drafting and responding to emails, document or spreadsheet creation and more!



Need to make a deadline? All documents will be proofread/edited within a maximum of 2-3 days. Audio or video files will be transcribed within a maximum of 1-2 days.

Jobs that are required sooner than offered, would incur an additional charge.
Longer documents will take longer to be returned.

Important Notice:
All prices are quoted in Barbados dollars (BDS).


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