You Got This...

Updated: Nov 23

When all is said and done,

It's all about you...

The road you take, the steps you make,

Whatever you do to get through,

It is up to you.

You're the one who chose to skip breakfast,

But to double down on lunch.

You're the one who took a chance today 'cause you had a hunch.

Your decision directly impacts you.

You're the one who has to tell themselves, "I got this".

It's not up to me to pull you through.

You've survived every day you've faced up to this point, you'll survive this too.

You're a warrior for the personal battles you've overcome.

Don't let your thoughts be cancerous, even though it's in our cells.

The only way to get better is by believing in ourselves.

So here's a toast to you, cheers to you, we are all in this together!

For we all may not have a pair of breasts, but we all have a mother...


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