Word of the Day: Sialoquent

Today’s word of the day is sialoquent. Sialoquent is an adjective. It means spitting when you speak, just like Daffy Duck! Imagine meeting a sialoquent flibbertigibbet! That would not be fun.

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Use it in a sentence!

Nobody wanted to talk to the sialoquent guy sitting by himself.

But where did it come from!

The word sialoquent stems from a Greek word, sialon (noun), which means saliva and a Latin word, loqui (adjective), which means to speak. This obscure word is rarely used and is mostly found in dictionaries and glossaries. In the 17th century, Thomas Blount - a lexicographer, defined it as an adjective meaning, “that spits much in his speech”. In 1704 however, Edward Cocker defines it as a noun meaning, “on that hawks and spits in discourse.

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