Word of the Day: Groak

Today’s word of the day is groak! Groak is a verb. It means to look or stare at longingly. Plainly, it refers to the act of staring at someone while they are eating and hoping that they will give you some of their food to satiate you as well.

It is a habit commonly found in children and animals, and even some adults! If you have ever opened a snack around a toddler or small child, then you will understand exactly what this word means. If you do share with them, just watch how they ingurgitate it!

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Use it in a sentence!

The dog groaked his master who was eating a sausage.

But where did it come from?

The word groak appears to be an old dialectal Scottish term with different spellings. Now it is mainly a slang term. This means it is not commonly spoken in everyday conversation.

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