Word of the Day: Bumbershoot

Today’s word of the day is “bumbershoot”. The word bumbershoot is a noun and to make it plural, just add ‘s’, i.e. bumbershoots. It simply means umbrella.

Here’s an interesting fact, especially for people who suffer from abibliophobia! There’s an annual international music and arts festival, held in Seattle, Washington, called Bumbershoot! It’s held between 4th-6th September, so if you do run out of things to read, you have a music and arts festival that you can check out! Try to absquatulate with a friend who’s an introvert and see the festival!

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Use it in a sentence!

“Just in case the weather changed again, she grabbed her bumbershoot and ran outside!”

“Some people were soaked in the rain because they didn’t bring a bumbershoot!”

But where did it come from?

The word bumbershoot originated in the late 19th century. Its first known use was in 1876.

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