The Only Way

"Sever your feelings, cut your ties!"

That's the equivalent to telling a cyclops to gouge out just one eye.

"Let go of your past, release those restraints!"

It's the same as expecting a cyclist to win the tour de France without his bike having a chain.

I've never understood how people say, move on and let go.

How can it be so easy if that's the only thing that you had come to know?

After you sought out a future, crafting it and molding it and it took shape.

You're just to leave your crafting table with a partly completed plate?

But they've moved on… they're absent, distant, not giving you the time of day.

When all you wish for is a conversation and that would make everything okay.

There is virtually nothing you wouldn't do for them, your love for them is infinite and from this path you can't stray.

But we all know it's been months now, you're doing everything thing possible with no change, so this is the only way...

By Darren Small

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