If I could play you a song...

If I could play you a song, to encapsulate just what you mean to me.

It would become an album of the greatest hits of the last century.

Even though I've been told to let it go, I sing along like I'm a passenger, yet, still hoping for the best.

On the surface I look calm and ready, but I'm losing myself in the moments, I'm an absolute mess.

This is definitely not how I envisioned it, nor how things used to be.

There was an entirely different future, involving me on bended knee.

I'll endlessly apologize for I need you like a heart needs a beat, it's nothing new.

I just wonder; do you ever, think of me, like I do you?

I know I'm not a perfect person, there are many things I wish I didn't do.

But I've grown and gotten better, and the reason is you!

I'm losing my sleep, my minds always racing.

It's funny how you always took my breath away, but still you're the reason I'm breathing.

I guess there's not much more to say, for I'm the one who let you slip away.

Never knowing I'd be singing these songs one day...

By Darren Small

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